About dubvid

Psychology says that our brain takes every sound and visual combination as a completely different audio-visual experience. Also it's a very relaxing for our mind to see something that we are already familiar with (an audio or video clip) in a different flavour. This is what DubVid is doing. This application can create new audio-visual combinations and let our mind see the beats and steps of a completely new combination. A perfect leisure activity when you are running short of new videos and have seen your favourite videos many times. Now Try seeing your favourite video with some other audio, and see how soothing it is.

Create the new combination and enjoy the random moves with the tune. Sometimes, it will match a lot, sometimes it won't. Please don't try to lipsync between audio and video. Also don't hope that each step/move/situation in a video will justify audio. Just watch the video and let your mind do all the tricks with the different audio.

Let your mind immersed in the joy and fun :)